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In loving memory:

Ch. Lord McKiggan of Amethyst, CGC
(Ch. Kilernan Current Pursuit x Ch. Kilernan's Spice o' My Life)

December 24, 1988 to April 14, 2003



This is so hard....the tears still flow, and it's been over a week since we let Kiggan go to the Bridge.  He was the 2nd champion for his mom, Spice, and he finished the same day she did only several years later.  He came back to live with us when his family, Tom, Sharon, Owen and Chelsea Boomsma, were killed on September 23, 1996 in a car-semi-school bus accident in Wisconsin.  Every year on the anniversary of their death, Kiggan, Greg and I would visit the cemetery and he'd place 4 milk bones on the head stone monument for the family.  

We were blessed to have this wonderful dog live with us since 1996.  He was never ever sick a day in his long and happy life.  We share with you a few photos of Kiggan as we fondly remember him.

For those of you that remember our Trouble, I remembered him with the song by Diamond Rio, entitled, "One More Day."  

Recently, country-singer, Jeff Bates has a song out entitled, The Love Song. 

Here is my dedication to Kiggan - 

The Love Song - with apologies to Jeff Bates - 

The first time I saw one, knew I had to have one
Elegant and black and tan, long and silky hair
They were so different, I really wanted one
For a 2nd anniversary present, Greg bought her for me
And then it set us on a new adventure,
going to the dog shows and meeting new people...

Where's she from, who's her dad?
who's her mom?
Learn to groom, go to shows, 
Don't forget to watch her grow,
Time went by and there she was....

Years kept fleeting, a champion she became,
Time to plan some litters, and watch them grow...
The second litter was special, born on Christmas eve
1988 all twelve were so great...but one was so special,
He was sweet and went to a home - to show, 
Kiggan was his name, and he knew what to do...

Started out, earned a major, then a breed,
He grew up, then he's done
Finished same day as his mom - only slightly later..
1996 came along and tragedy struck,
His family gone....he came back here and we knew, it was:

It took on a brand new meaning,
when the vet was called that April evening...

Thank the Lord, "let him go." "No I can't."
"But you must, send him home..."
And complete, the circle of love....

That's the circle of love....

Rest warm my sweet and gentle dog.....may you blow bubbles in all the dog dishes at the Bridge and find your family both human and canine...

Kiggan was Greg's buddy, too, and in his honor, Greg composed the song that you are listening to in the background.  Greg entitled it, "The Last Days of Winter."  Good-bye gentle friend.

  • Kiggan's first major under Dr. Harry Smith in June 1992.
  • Kiggan at the 2000 GSCA National with Peggy DaValt.  Veterans' Sweepstakes class 11+ years.
  • Kiggan in December of 2001
  • This is one of the last shots we took of Kiggan.  It was the 2-year anniversary of when Trouble went to the bridge - March 17, 2003.  I remember telling him that it was okay to go visit Trouble.  Little did I know that it would soon be time.

Good night, sweet and gentle dog.  We will always love and remember you!!

Peggy, Greg, Storm, Thunder, Fire, Ice, Ember, Asti, Dude, Twister


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