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The Last Walk in the Yard

by Greg DaValt

Winter is over, it's spring now.
The snow is melting and the grass is turning green.
The Sandhills say hi, so do the Margaret-birds
The willow tree
Kiggan says "woof"
Coffee's hot
"This is my couch"
Bony butt
The yard mall
Bath time, it must be show time
Jump up on the grooming table
Christmas 2000
Sleeping in the hay
Excuse me, my couch
The bloody tail that
never quit wagging.
I smell skunk
Eating apples
Champion:  wearing the title with strong, quiet pride and dignity
Not one gray hair
Blizzard, my new little friend:
Pile your toys on me
Play with my tail
Pull on my ears
Jump on me, around me, over me
"move over, this is my couch."
Never a mean bone
The music room
"Woof" it's dinner time
"Woof" I'm thirsty
"Woof" let's go for a walk
"Woof" time to go in
Sleeping on the floor, next to Asti, she feels safe
This is my home and family
The Lion King
Never gave up
It's time to rest
Can't let go
Let go


To my family:
Kiggan Goodbye old friend.  You're the lion king now.  As this yard was passed to me, I now pass it to you.  The yard is matter what Fire says.
Storm Keep an eye on Kiggan and thank you for the use of your couch.  Be tolerant of your kids.  They do listen to you.  Through them your generations will never end, and you will always live on.  You have, and will continue to bring much joy and happiness to many humans and their families.
Thunder "Woof."  Never give up.  The squeakiest wheel gets the oil.
Fire Take care of mom, and remember that a real champion is not a title, it is what you are, inside.  It doesn't need to be defended.
Ember and Ice You're good kids.  There is no greater title than mother.  Listen to your mom.  May you both have long endless summer days in the yard playing with your kids.
Asti You're on your way.  Kid champion, best puppy in show, ribbons, titles, bright lights and glamour.  In all this, take the time at the end of the day to hug mom and never forget, the greatest joy is loving and being loved.  Teach that to your kids.
Blizzard What can I say to you my little friend?  Learn from me what you have taught me.  You will never grow too old to be a puppy.  Some day the yard will be yours, but be patient.  Don't be in a hurry to grow up.  In this yard, dogs are never forgotten.  When you're out here laying in the summer sun a quiet fall night, a soft warm spring rain, or a still winter's morning.  Listen to our whispers.  Listen and learn.
Mom I love you.
Dad It's time. Goodbye.

Photos of Trouble.

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